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Google Authorship for Dentists

From Google Webmaster Blog, we learn that becoming an “expert” will improve a site’s credibility, ultimately affecting rankings. What is an expert, to Google? How does one become an expert? There are no published definitions or guidelines to explain this mysterious assignment. As with much that Google offers businesses, we have to scope out the… Read more »

How to Get Your Picture in Google Results

Google looks at rel equals author in HTML 5 when gauging SEO rankings. Want that in English? You need a Google+ profile linked to your blogs and websites. About the middle of last year, in this blog, I told dentists that Google says you need to be seen as an expert. Using the authorship tag,… Read more »

Google Plus Your World and Dental Marketing

A new year, in this generation, brings changes from Google, along with a landslide of projections about marketing trends. Last year, while Jill and I were at the Chicago Midwinter, Google rolled out Panda. This bulk of changes to Google’s algorithm prioritized original text, which only proved that MDPM’s approach to Internet marketing is on… Read more »

Google+ for Dentists

This article is published in Med Monthly Magazine, Sept. 2011. You may have noticed +1 icons in Google’s search results or on the websites you frequent. What does that little icon represent, and what relevance does it have to your life? What is Google+? Google+ is Google’s most recent attempt at a social network. Before… Read more »

Honey, Don’t You Notice Anything Different About Me Today?!

Has MDPM lost weight? New haircut? Nope. We’ve added the Google +1 widget to our sidebar! Everyone seems interested in Google+ since its launch a few weeks ago. In fact, just yesterday, MedMonthly asked me to write an article on the new social network. (Stay tuned for the article with all the juicy details.) Just… Read more »