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Get the Dental Team Excited about Growing Your Practice!

You made an appointment to get your tires rotated at a new, locally owned repair shop in Southlake. You like supporting small businesses, and you really want to have a great experience here, so you can refer your friends. After all, as a dentist, you appreciate word-of-mouth advertising and personal referrals. When you enter the… Read more »

Assess Your Dental Marketing Strategy with MDPM’s Free Evaluation

How do you measure success? Personal happiness? A profitable business? Admiration from your peers, employees, community, and family? All of these are important, and all can be improved if your business—your dental practice—is going like gangbusters. So, how do you evaluate your marketing strategy? At MDPM, we provide a free evaluation. All you have to… Read more »

Should Dentists Twitter? Should They Facebook?

The short answer is, “If your clientele will use it.” Just know that most dentists don’t use social networking in the most advantageous way…and the ROI can be very low. However, social networking with your current patients can and does project the image of a progressive dental practice with a friendly staff who like their… Read more »

Hey, Dentist… Which is More Important: Web or Community Marketing?

The real value of the Modern Dental Practice Marketing Program is in its diversity. Online and in your community, we’ll build a brand and reputation that will keep your name—or your practice name–on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

So when the PTA mom gets asked, “Who’s your family dentist?” the response will include a half-hour description of your last costume party…or teeth whitening party…or high school mascot skit…or awesome website…or interesting, funny blog posts…or special new patient offer…and so on and so on.