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What is Dental Website Analysis?

A “free website analysis” is kind of a vague term. We know it’s free, and we know it’s a test of a website, but what is it testing, and why? Do you need a website analysis? The answer depends on whether you’re happy with your website, and also on what the analysis results will tell… Read more »

What’s the Magic Number of Blogs for Optimal SEO?

Who reads blogs? Many people think that blogs are meant to be read. The truth is, they are, but not by whom you think. A solid dental blogging strategy is based on the principal that posts will be read and indexed high by search engines, increase popularity of your dental website, and expand your online… Read more »

Converting Web Visitors to New Patients

Sometimes Google Analytics numbers show that a website and blog are receiving good traffic and ranking high for targeted keywords, but the data doesn’t translate to telephone calls and new patients. Many dentists become frustrated with this situation, as do the website companies that manage SEO. Instead of becoming frustrated, let’s analyze this situation to… Read more »

“What Makes Your Dental Websites Better?”

Not everyone asks this question when interviewing a dental website designer, but it is an important question that should be asked. What makes your websites better than others? Any company that is not prepared to answer this question, without using jargon and sales BS, isn’t worth your time. I was speaking with a respected Florida… Read more »