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Social Media for Dentists: Keep It Legal, Keep It Ethical

As a professional in the dental community exploring the opportunities and insights presented by social media, you must understand that social media usage carries risks, too. Not that you haven’t always honored legal and ethical considerations for marketing your practice, but the need for transparency is even greater with social media. When we design websites… Read more »

Dentist Marketing Tools: Groupon vs Facebook vs Twitter vs Blogging

When you’re looking for ways to market your dental practice, you probably turn to new trends that appear to be working, ie: Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, and blogs, for example. The problem is, many small business owners – dentists included – are quick to try marketing strategies before knowing if they will produce more business and… Read more »

LinkedIn: Do You Need It?

LinkedIn is not Facebook; neither is it Twitter or Google+. It’s funny, I thought everyone knew about LinkedIn, but they don’t. In fact, when I decided to finally engage in the network, I sent invitations to my Gmail contacts. Friends and colleagues of all ages contacted me by phone and email asking what LinkedIn is… Read more »

What Sets Your Dental Office Apart?

I have asked this question thousands of times through the years. Funny thing is, most dentists (if not all) say that their one-on-one attention and customer service make their dental practice better than others. Better is a bad word when discussing dentists. I know that you have a respected peer relationship with other dentists in your area. However, you’re a dentist and I’m a dental marketing expert. One of us has to consider your peers competition. Let it be me.

QR Codes in Dental Marketing

Put the QR code in your office on the wall, on your signage, on direct mail pieces, in articles and advertisements, or even on stickers to put anywhere you like. When people come across the code, if they’re curious and tech-savvy, they’ll scan the code and be directed to your website.

Should You Depend on Facebook for Dental Practice Marketing

As I’ve said before, Google owns 65% of the market for search engines. It’s Google, not Facebook or Twitter, your marketing needs to please. Rank high on Google search engine results pages (SERPs), and you will get calls. What’s the secret? Feed the Google beast. Give Google what it wants from your website: fresh content, incoming backlinks, and upkeep with Google Places.

5 Social Networking Tasks Dentists Can Hire a Teenager to Do

Having been in dental marketing for years, I know that most dentists don’t have the staff or time to invest in an all-out social media marketing campaign. I do think, however, there are a few things your front office person can do to get your office engaged on Facebook. You can even hire your teenage daughter to do these things. Seriously, $10 an hour, 5 hours a week – not much of an investment. The return will show up, most likely, in patients being more loyal to you, giving you free word-of-mouth referrals, and remembering to keep up with recall visits and follow up with treatment. Why? Because you’ll be engaged, showing that you care!

Should Dentists Use Patient Testimonials in Marketing?

I’ve seen a handful of dentists receive a letter from their state dental board stating that particular language or references must be taken off a website within 10 days. Now, I’ve never seen a dentist actually have his license suspended for an infraction, but it could happen. If you don’t want to get a warning from your state dental board, there are a few things you need to do.