Team Member Tuesday: Meet Ashley!

Every Tuesday we like to introduce our readers and clients to a member of the MDPM Consulting team. Our team works together to help provide quality content and marketing services to our clients, from blogs to webpages, and even social media. Today, we’re going to introduce you to our content manager, Ashley Bright.

Meet Ashley Bright

Ashley is a content manager with MDPM Consulting. She writes content for our clients, such as blog posts and webpages. She will also share completed blog posts to social media for our clients as well. She understands that every client approaches dentistry differently and creates custom posts reflecting their services and their dental care philosophy. She, along with the rest of our copywriting team, strives to generate unique content to help improve SEO and provide useful information for our clients’ patients.

Fun Facts About Ashley

Here are a few fun facts about our content manager:

  1. Ashely writes, performs, and teaches comedy at the Dallas Comedy House
  2. Believe it or not, Ashley does not have a middle name
  3. When she was a child, Ashley won a six-foot-tall stuffed bunny from McDonalds

Do You Need New Content?

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