Team Member Tuesday: Meet Collin!

Welcome again to Team Member Tuesday! We’re always excited for Tuesdays because we get to talk about our wonderful team members. From copywriters to designers, we have a team ready to help create a website that reflects your practice and help you maintain a customized marketing plan. Today, we’re going to introduce you to our technical support, Collin Brown.

Meet Our Technical Support, Collin Brown

Collin Brown is technical support. If you have an issue or need assistance with your website, he will help. He also assists our clients with edits and updates to their websites. He is always ready to help our clients with all of their technical support needs and help them to better understand their site.

Fun Facts About Collin

1. Collin is a comedian.

2. He used to go to surf camp every summer when he was a kid.

3. As a child, he was really, really  into magic (prior to realizing magicians weren’t very cool).

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