Team Member Tuesday: Meet Maggie

Welcome again to Team Member Tuesday! Each Tuesday, we will focus on a different member of our team, introducing them to our clients and readers. Today, we’re talking about our content manager and editor, Maggie Knapp!

Our Content Creator and Editor, Maggie Knapp

Maggie is a content manager and editor! She works with our clients to create custom content for their website, such as webpages and blogs. She also edits content from our other writers to find any issues that need fixing and to make sure the content accurately reflects the dentist’s approach to oral healthcare. She loves sharing what’s new in the dental world with interested readers and strives to ensure her work helps create more satisfied dental patients and healthier smiles. Maggie is instrumental in ensuring our clients obtain the quality copy their website and blog require!

Fun Facts About Maggie

A few fun facts about our content manager and editor:

  1. Maggie has an older brother and four (!) younger sisters!
  2. She loves to knit, crochet, sew, and do other kinds of handiwork.
  3. Maggie once played a dead body on stage. No lines to learn, she just had to lie very still!

Does Your Content Need an Eagle Eye?

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