Team Member Tuesday: Meet Tarah!

Welcome to Team Member Tuesday! In today’s blog, we’re going to introduce you to a member of the MDPM team. Everyone here works hard to ensure our clients obtain a custom website they can be proud of, as well as a custom marketing plan to help their practice grow. Today, we’re going to meet our content manager, Tarah Damask!

Tarah Damask, Content Manager

As a content manager, Tarah helps clients by writing blogs covering everything from services to dental care suggestions, practice news, and community events (which she then shares to Facebook, so clients’ Facebook audience have quick access to new information). She also helps announce important information quick, such as personal announcements, practice nominations for contests, and anything else that’s pressing! She makes sure the content relays each client’s unique personality and key services, while still focusing on SEO.

3 Fun Facts About Tarah!

1. She once danced on stage in a chicken suit (mask included) throughout an entire performance of her brother’s rock/metal band. The chicken suit was supposed to go to the guitarist but they accidentally purchased a child’s size costume, which just happened to fit her! It was one of the greatest nights ever, even though she was “murdered” at the end of the show by a “mad scientist” and then dragged off stage.

2. She’s extremely good at making pancakes, whether healthy or diner style! Perfecting delicious, fluffy flapjacks is a personal, ongoing goal.

3. Tarah is known to friends and family by a very long and ever-evolving list of endearing nicknames, which include but are not limited to: Tia, Teeps, TBear, T-Tips, Tonker, Rah…

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