Tell Your Dental Marketing Consultant About Contracted Services

Jill and I were in the office today, instead of at the Dallas dental conference, and Alex Obbard, SVP of Sales, along with Jeff Madl, Regional DFW Sales Representative, of Smile Reminder came by to introduce themselves. Both were very nice, and I learned a lot about Smile Reminder. Their new services and all-inclusive platform for patient communication is impressive and appears to be a good value. Smile Reminder also offers a reputation management strategy that seems like it would be effective.

Maximize Your Resources

The meeting got me thinking, how many dentists neglect to use their paid services to their optimal performance? If you contract with a company like Smile Reminder, have webpages with the Yellow Book, or work with a local direct mail service, let your dental marketing consultant know. I’ve seen many dentists double-pay for services because they aren’t fully aware of what they purchased. At Modern Dental Practice Marketing Consulting, we want to see our client dentists maximize value across the board. For instance, Smile Reminder has tools that will integrate with a dental website to schedule appointments or leave testimonials. Furthermore, their email service can send out scans of direct mail pieces or text from blog posts. The key is looking at all of your paid services and determining how they can bring your practice the most value.

Save Money in 2013

In this New Year, I challenge dentists to sit down and make a list of the service providers they use for patient records, patient communication, search engine optimization, print marketing (like direct mail), etc. Select someone in your front office, or call us, to determine whether you’re getting full value from all of the vendors.

From a dental marketing perspective, all of your patient communication and collateral, as well as your online social profiles, websites, webpages, blogs, and microsites, should show consistency in branding. If you need help with branding, marketing, patient communication, or your dental website, call us at 972-781-8861 and speak to Jill, our CEO. You can also email us at [email protected].