Templated Content: Don’t Do It!

Starting your own practice can be daunting. With everything on your plate, you may be tempted to find easier solutions to different aspects of your online marketing strategy. For this reason, we often work with dentists that have used companies providing templated websites and content. However, working with these companies can come at a steep price: Your SEO.

Poor SEO

Google looks for original content. When you have duplicated content, such as what you would buy from one of these companies, your rankings can suffer. In addition, these websites are often not mobile friendly, meaning they are difficult to see and navigate on smartphones and tablets. Google currently engages in mobile-first indexing, meaning websites with a mobile option tend to rank higher on a search engine results page. Cutting corners on your marketing can prevent you from competing with other practices in your community, rendering your web presence practically non-existent.

Zero Marketing Assistance

When you buy a template websites or content, for the company you purchase this end your interaction. They aren’t interested in your long-term goals or seeing your practice grow. They don’t care if you stay in business. They have their money and their done. If you want a company that stays up-to-date with the latest trends in online marketing and SEO, and wants to help create a personalized strategy for you, then you go to a professional and well-reviewed marketing company. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time, your money, and your website’s potential.

We can Help!

Do you have questions about creating a new site, redesigning a current one, or creating an online marketing strategy that is tailored to your practice? Then give us a call. MDPM Consulting is here to help. We want to see our clients succeed and our entire team will work with you to see it happen. You can call our number below or email us.

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