Testimonial: Dentist Blog Gone Viral!

“Highest Facebook viral ranking we’ve had and the most tweeted blog post was from you on the link between chocolate and smiles! I am as always so proud of your creativity and I am sure one day you will hit he pinnacle of viral media :). Super excited about this!

Aziza Askari DMD,FAGD,MBA
Comfort Dental Spa in Farmington Hills, MI

This testimonial showed up in my email today, and I sincerely appreciate the time Dr. Askari took to write it! It plays right into a conversation that I had with a doctor just yesterday.

I had a different client call me yesterday to ask why we write some of his dental practice blogs like magazine articles. This is why: in the age of social media, a catchy and interesting blog post could put his website in front of an unknown number of potential patients.

His points were valid. He asked, if the main reason for blogging is to show up high in the Google results for targeted keywords (mostly clinical), why blog about chocolate and Valentine’s Day? The doctor also noted that he would never write a blog like that, so why would he publish something he wouldn’t write himself? My answer was, we are in the age of social networking. Since he is already ranking high for his primary keywords, he may as well reach a wider audience. When creating editorial calendars, we like to blend clinical blog posts with trendy, magazine-style posts so that we can strike a good balance. However, I did let him know, we can certainly write on any topic he likes–after all, it’s his blog.

Funny how things work out, but today, just the day after that conversation, Dr. Askari sent me this great testimonial.I thought I’d share it with you.

Dental marketing today is an evolving and exciting creature. We’re happy to be on the forefront of the industry!

Jill Duty, COO @ MDPM