The Color of Dental Marketing

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Branding is defined as the image you want consumers to have when they think about your dental practice. Your brand, then is conveyed through physical elements, like your dental logo, office location, office decor, and staff. It also relies on non-tangible elements, such as customer service, friendliness, competency of your staff, and how patients feel when they leave an appointment. Each of these elements has a broad spectrum of factors that contribute to its effect on your brand. Today, I want to focus on color, an element that you can leverage in your logo, website, print materials, and office decor. Today, even treatment chairs are available in custom colors.

Let’s explore the effect that color has on the human mind. An interesting study conducted by researchers at Chonbuk National University, Korea, tracked the heart rate of subjects before and after color stimulation. In short, the warm colors (red, yellow, and orange) increased heart rates, while cool colors (green, blue, and purple) lowered heart rates. This finding is not surprising. Interior decorators, as well as scientists, have known for many years that warm colors stimulate and cool colors calm.

How does color affect dental branding? If a doctor wants to make patients feel calm and relaxed at dental visits, or when a potential patient sees his practice logo, he should use cool colors. Dentist who prefer warm colors should move toward earth tone variations to evoke that calm, relaxing feeling in patients. Though fun and daring, using bright red, yellow, or orange in dental marketing, and in dental office design, is not wise.

Branding is more than finding a design you like, putting your name next to it, and hoisting a sign up above your practice. As dental marketing consultants, the Modern Dental Practice Marketing designers understand the impact of color in dental practice branding. To discuss your logo, website, and brand, or to learn how SEO can land you more patients, call Jill Nastasia today at 972-781-8861.