The Dangers Of Duplicate Content

When you blog as a dentist, you tend to cover many of the same topics. In addition, you’ll often find companies offering to create a website using template content. You may be tempted to reuse blogs or embrace template pages and posts to save money, but this can have a negative impact on SEO. Let’s talk about the dangers of duplicate content!

The Impact on SEO

When you add a new page or a blog to your website, Google’s bots will then crawl and index the content. Doing so allows Google to parse out quality content, ensuring they know where to direct people searching for certain products or services online. You want a Google search for a dentist or a dental service in your community to direct people to your website, hopefully as one of the first few results.

However, if the search giant’s bots come across a website that uses template content, or reuses duplicate copy, then they are less likely to direct people to their website if they search for related services. You end up hobbling your website and making it more difficult to find. Remember, even if you’re a small-town dentist, others may have original copy optimized for multiple towns, including your own. Staying competitive means embracing SEO and avoiding duplicate content.

We can Help!

Our team consists of content managers and editors ready to tackle your website and blog. When we sit down with you to discuss your marketing plan, website, and practice, we will provide detailed information to our writers to ensure they create pages and posts that reflect your approach to dentistry. No two practices are alike, and the same should go for the website and blog copy. If you’re interested in adding new content, or creating a brand new-website for your practice, then contact our team today.

Do you need help with adding new and original content? Ready to expand your online marketing plan and grow your practice? We can help! Contact us today and let us help! Send an email to MDPM Consulting at [email protected], or give us a call at 972-781-8861!