The Dentist’s Weekend Warrior Marketing Tip

Partner with the most influential persons in your community!

Who in your community knows all about their client’s families, love lives and secrets? Who knows who is getting married, starting a new job or dating a new beau? It’s hair dressers!

Hair dressers not only spend quality time with their customers, but they do so in an environment that is fun and friendly. Your hairdresser poses the perfect opportunity for you to get the word out about your services.

Consider asking the hairdressers at your salon if they will take part in a drawing with you. Ask them to collect business cards in a container that you provide so that you can sponsor a drawing for a free gift or discounted dental service. You can leave out some promotional material as well.

Don’t have a steady stylist? Grab a fruit tray or a box of muffins, drop in at a salon or spa near your office and offer to hold drawings for each other. They will certainly appreciate the free publicity they get as you promote their contest in your office, on Facebook and on your blog.

If the partnership goes well, you may even consider joining forces to host a makeover contest that will expand your promotional efforts.