The Design Glossary, Part 3

mdpm-web-design-part-3Welcome to the final part of our three-part series (click here for part one, and part two)! We’ve been blogging on popular design options to consider, or avoid, when creating or redesigning your website. Your site introduces people to your practice and your team, so making sure it is responsive, easy-to-navigate, and esthetically-pleasing is crucial.

Even More Popular Design Options

Borderless: A website design without an obvious border can give the site an open and contemporary look.

Monochrome: If you have a specific brand, maintaining a monochrome color choice can help reinforce the brand and give your website a more cohesive look.

Long Scroll: With this design choice, the user can continuously scroll down the page. The user has access to a lot of information without getting lost or requiring extensive navigation.

Branding: With a focus on branding, you include several common elements to keep the website cohesive, including font and logo.

Logos: For branding to work, you need a logo. The logo should be simple yet unique, and easy to view in color or in black and white. It should be so simple that it can be easily recalled, and drawn by anyone who has seen it.

Should You Consider a Redesign?

Now that we’ve gone over a variety of different design options in three different blogs, you may be wondering which ones will fit your site. In addition, you may also finally be aware of outdated components of your site, such as flash, video backgrounds, or a lack of mobile-friendliness. Remember, MDPM is here to help. Our team can redesign your site or help you create a brand new one. We also have experience in logo and branding work. To find out more, or to schedule a consultation, please contact our office today.

Need a new and better website, or want to learn how you can become a noticeable online presence? Do you have questions about online marketing strategies or SEO? We can help! Send MDPM an email at: [email protected], or give us a call at 972-781-8861. Talk to our team today!