The Importance Of Authenticity

mdpm-authenticityWhat do we mean when we say your marketing plan should embrace authenticity? We simply mean that the content you share and create should meet your clients’ expectations. You should come across as a caring, well-informed professional both in the office and on social media. So, how do you make sure your content comes across as authentic and not spam?

No Spam!

Spam is impersonal. It consists of mass mailings of irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent out to everyone and anyone to get someone to open and read them. So, if you engage in similar tactics, people will assume your messages are spam, too. As a dentist, you know what information is important for your clients, whether it’s the need for routine checkups, or your cosmetic services (a great recommendation for the holiday season). The content you share, whether in the form of a newsletter or social media post, should be relevant to your patients.

Quality Content

Before posting a blog or sharing something on a social networking page, assess the quality. Is the work original and well-written? Is it relevant to your patients? Not everything needs to be of earth-shattering importance; it just needs to be relevant. A funny comic about dentistry and information on preventing cavities are both content you can share. Authenticity means the content is related to your services and your practices, and has an impact on your patients.

Active Social Media Presence

As a dentist, you typically see your patients about every six months. However, with social media you have a way to engage them between these periodic visits. You can share your content on social media. Authentic content is more likely to garner likes, comments, and shares which will result in reaching a bigger audience. If you have any questions about authenticity, or creating unique and original content, contact our office today.

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