The Quiz of One Hundred: Win a Free Book!

It’s a special day for Modern Dental Practice Marketing! We’ve changed our banner, have a new writer joining our team today (yay Sara), and are meeting and exceeding our company goals. Our clients are happy, and they make us happy. So, to celebrate, we’re giving stuff away!

The first person to send me correct answers to these 5 questions will get a free copy of The Smart Dentist’s Guide to Nearly Everything by Dr. Charles Martin of the Richmond Smile Center.

  1. What has MDPM done consecutively 100 times, as of today?
  2. The 100-year War marked the return of Napoleon from exile and the second reign of which King Louis?
  3. What is the 100th day of the year, not on a leap year?
  4. What Britton and former boy-band member, who is still rocking at age 68, had 32 number-one singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart during his career?
  5. Where is the awesomely named wedding planning company, 100 Layer Cake, located?

Good luck!
Jill & Jill