The Right Dental Website: Target Market and Keywords

Where is a dentist supposed to go for professional web design? You could turn to a company that specializes in small business web design, but you really need experts who understand the American Dental Association’s and your state dental board’s dental marketing guidelines. You also need writers who understand dentistry: technology, research, and procedures. Furthermore, you need a marketing consultant who will understand marketing for dental practices – who’s your target audience, what do they search for online, and what kinds of procedures do you most enjoy doing?

You may think, in this economy, it’s important to keep your target market wide and varied. Keeping your eggs in different baskets is a good plan in some regards, but when it comes to keywords, it’s important to mix more specific terms with general terms. This means, for instance, “Orlando dentist” gets about 8100 local searches per month, and the competition is high, so many dentists are optimizing their websites for that term. However, “dental for children” gets 27,100 local searches, and the competition is on the low-medium side. It would be wise for a family dentist in Orlando, Florida to optimize for both keyword phrases.

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