Three Things You Didn’t Know about an MDPM Dental Blog

Let’s just cut to the chase. No need for an introduction. You have patients to see!

  1. If you have a blog on a page of your website already, your web developer can put an RSS feed from your MDPM dental blog onto that page. This may appear to be content duplication (a no-no per search engines), but it’s not. An RSS feed is not a duplication of content, but rather a syndication of content. Semantics? Not really. You’ll get the benefit of a separate, multiple-page blog website on its own domain AND syndication AND filling your website’s blog page with fresh content. Yay!
  2. Your blog can feed onto your Facebook Fan and/or profile page, your Twitter account, your LinkedIn account, and other social networks you’re involved with. Super simple. Keeps your social profiles filled with new content, even when you’re on vacation or at a convention!
  3. Your MDPM website blog can feature rotating photo galleries, multiple pages, polls, videos, and other cool features. Too cool. Too, too cool!

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