Tips For Modernizing Your Web Design

mdpmwebdesignIn just the last few years web design has change dramatically. One of the major reasons for such a shift in how we look at web design is the smartphone. A good design should be accessible and easy to navigate on a phone or tablet. Now, even on computers and laptops people prefer a simple, elegant, and user-friendly design. We have a few tips to help you modernize your website.

5 Steps to Help Modernize Your Web Design

  1. Keep It Simple: When you visit a website, what do you prefer? Simplicity, which makes the website easy to navigate, or do you prefer clutter, with buttons, videos, music, and an overwhelming design? I’m guessing like most people, it’s the first option. Keep your design simple. Users prefer it.
  2. Unique Typography: Using a unique font for your text and logo on your website can help you solidify your brand and make your website stand out. As long as your content is easy to read, you shouldn’t be afraid to try new fonts and typography options.
  3. Flat Web Design: A flat design avoids 3D elements, such as shadows or gradients. Instead, the website is clean, uncluttered, and easy to use. It is for those very reasons that we at MDPM Consulting favor flat designs when creating websites for our clients.
  4. Easy Scrolling: Remember, a majority of people will be viewing your website on their cell phone. Making it easy to scroll, by implementing a single page site or using horizontal scrolling, means a person can navigate the website with one hand.
  5. Card Design: A card design involves creating small square areas of content for users to click on. This is especially helpful for users who surf with their phones or tablets. You also have greater control over what content is seen first by users.

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