UPDATE: Things Missing On Google? Don’t Panic!

mdpmdontpanicFriday was a bit of a shock for many of our clients. Many found that aspects of their online presence were missing, including missing reviews, missing previews of their Google+ or business/local page, as well as being invisible to Google maps. Since both our team and our clients put a lot of work into SEO and online content, seeing it all vanish in a flash is very upsetting. Fortunately, Google appears to have addressed the issue and everything is back to normal. But what happened?

What Happened?

As far as anyone can tell, on Friday Google attempted an update that ended up causing a lot of problems, removing information and reviews, and even preventing some practices from appearing on the maps program. However, by Saturday the issue seemed to have been reversed. There are still few available details regarding what exactly occurred, but fortunately everything seems to be back to normal.

Let Us Know!

If you ever notice issues with your website or any of your Google or social media pages, always let us know. Our team can perform diagnostic protocols to identify the problem, whether is on our end or Google’s. From there, we can discuss solutions and address the problem as soon as possible. We’re always here for you, and welcome you to contact our team for solutions or advice.

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