What Colors Should Your Design Use?

Your website acts as your online office, the first thing people see before they meet you and undergo treatment. People will visit your site while determining whether to give you a call and schedule a visit. Obviously, your site needs to be attractive to users. In addition to being easy to navigate and mobile friendly, your design should also incorporate colors that reflect your office and your approach to dentistry. What colors should your design use?

Frequently Asked Questions About Color and Design

Question: When do we use warm colors?

Answer: We employ warm colors when we want to suggest fun and excitement. Reds, yellows, and oranges are associated with younger audiences, such as pediatric dentistry. In fact, studies even show that the use of warm colors can promote a faster heart rate!

Question: Should my website employ cooler colors?

Answer: If you’re geared more to adults and seniors, or if you want to highlight sedation and a comfortable atmosphere, then we may suggest sticking with cooler colors. Shades of blue and green can suggest a calm and relaxing environment. Since dentistry makes between 8% and 15% of the country anxious, using these colors may be beneficial.

Question: What combinations should I avoid?

Answer: If you want your design to incorporate warm or cool colors, you shouldn’t stick solely to those shades. You especially want to pay attention to your headers. If the colors are too dark or bright, reading the copy and navigation can be difficult. For that reason, we also suggest avoiding neon and black, as these colors don’t appear in nature and can be overwhelming to users, and can also make navigation difficult.

Question: Should colors contrast?

Answer: Having contrast can make your logo clearer and make your homepage draw the eye. In fact, you can use shade combinations and shapes to draw the eye and help people navigate your website better.

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