What Is Your Office Doing For The Holidays?

mdpm-holidaysToday is Halloween, which means tomorrow the holiday season begins. The fall and winter play host to a number of holidays. What will your office being doing to celebrate? By offering fun events, taking part in community activities, and sharing content on social media, you can help draw attention to your practice.

Community Involvement

First, find out what your community is up to. Are they hosting a trunk or treat event? Will there be a parade or fair for other major holidays? If so, set up a booth and take part. You can introduce yourself and your team to the community and hopefully attract a few more patients. In addition, find out if your city is running any charity drives for the less fortunate during the holidays and take part in those, as well. Let your city see that you care and are willing to give back when possible.

Put Your Social Media Accounts to Use

When you take part in these events, let people know. Social media allows you to reach current patients and when they like or comment on your content, it reaches a broader circle. Share photos and statuses, whether funny or serious. Remember, you can reach hundreds, if not thousands, of people in just seconds.

We Can Help!

First, we love helping our clients come up with unique promotional ideas, such as the “Have a Cup of Coffee on Us” or the Free Dinner for Two. We also love sharing your content to help your specials or events reach a larger audience. In addition, we can help craft and share social media posts. We also have a free kit available with a month’s worth of statuses and content that can be personalized and shared across multiple platforms. As long as you have a monthly SEO package, the kit is free.

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