“What makes an effective dental website?” Part Two

Yesterday, we covered a few characteristics that make effective dental websites. We discussed the importance of original copy, services and about pages, and contact/location information. Today, we offer a few more important dental website characteristics below.

Best Design & Copy Characteristics for Dentist Websites

Non-Flash Design – Flash is no longer a favored platform for web design. Because flash design is incompatible with smart phones and tablets and requires extensive code, search engine indexing spiders often overlook flash-based websites. Our team of web designers and SEO experts recommends that dental websites be built with HTML5 or jQuery. A multi-browser compatible library, jQuery accomplishes the same appearance of Flash with code that is more appealing to search engines. Over half of the most visited websites utilize jQuery. HTML5 based websites are clean-looking and appealing to both web users and search engine spiders.

Slugs with Keywords – A slug is the component of a URL with human readable keywords that are easy for web users to remember. Slugs are also useful in SEO. By adding important keywords to slugs, you help indexing spiders understand the purpose of each page in your website. For example, slugs should contain keywords such as “cosmetic dental services” or “all white fillings” with hyphens between each word. A keyword rich slug may look this:  www.dentalwebsite.com/cosmetic-procedures-city.

Copy Length – On a dentist website, your dental copywriter should compose a minimum of 250 words per page and a maximum of 500 words. Having an adequate amount of copy on each page is very important to search engine optimization and achieving high rankings. We recommend that clients in need of dental website design utilize professional dental copywriters who understand clinical dentistry and SEO.

Our dental marketing firm has it all, dental copywriters, web designers, and graphic artists. From SEO for dentists to dental website writing, Modern Dental Practice Marketing offers customized dental marketing packages with clients’ needs and budgets in mind. To discuss your dentist website, SEO, or Internet marketing, contact Jill at (972) 781-8861 or e-mail us at [email protected].