What Topics Should I Blog About?

When you blog, you provide new content for Google to crawl and index, a process that can improve rankings and make users more likely to find you when searching online for a dentist. So, you know why you should blog, but what should you blog about? There are number of different topics you can tackle.

Dental Treatments and Oral Health Concerns

What services do you offer? Tackling the treatment options and procedures you offer can make great blog content. Try to focus on what treatment options separate you from others in the area. Do you have multiple kinds of teeth whitening? Do you have one-visit restorations or Invisalign? Does your practice offer implant dentistry? Try to find what makes your office unique!

Office Updates and Changes

Over time, your dental practice will grow and change. You may move to a new office, obtain advanced treatment options, or add new team members. These are great blogging topics and excellent material to share on your social media pages. Let your patients know what’s happening at the office!

Community Events and Involvement

When you write about your community, you can organically place keywords that improve local SEO. In addition, you can offer content that members of your city or town may find interesting. Many of our clients write about big events or activities happening in the community. You can also take part, such as setting up a booth at a fall festival, and shares pictures on your dental blog and social media. When you take part, people in your community get a chance to know you and your team. They may be more likely to schedule a visit as a result! If you have any questions about blogging or what topics to tackle, then give us a call. Our team of copywriters are ready to help you with original content tailored to your practice.

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