What Web Design Trends Can We Expect In 2017?

Last week, we discussed a few design trends to expect in 2017, such as a new focus on geometric shapes and more simplicity when it comes to web design. Today, we’re going to look at three more trends you can expect this year including typefaces, overall esthetics, and how hidden navigation may be here to stay.

Potential Design Trends for 2017

  1. Dark Design Esthetics: We’ve talked about the focus on simplicity, and how flat designs have been dominating the web for a few years now. However, these designs mainly rely on white backgrounds and lighter colors. To set themselves apart, more designers are now embracing dark backgrounds and palettes, allowing photographs and other images to dominate the color aspects of the design.
  2. Typefaces: For the longest time, Sans serifs have been the preferred typeface for web design, and for good reason. The type is thick and easy to read, and doesn’t dissolve into a blob when the size is reduced. However, the rise of HD screens on smartphones, tablets, and computers means more and more people can read thinner typefaces. As a result, we’re likely to be seeing more serifs in the future, even as more designs incorporate large, bold fonts.
  3. Hidden Navigation: What clashes with simplicity more than navigation? While hidden menus were initially limited to use with mobile design, they are now becoming the norm. Hidden menus stay “hidden” behind a small icon and are only visible when the cursor hovers over it or clicks on it. This keeps the home page simple and attractive, yet leaves the navigation easily accessible. In last week’s blog, we also discussed how sites are now limiting total navigation to five or six pages. As has been the case for the last two years, simplicity will continue to be king in web design.

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