What’s a Content Manager? Sounds Hokey.

A “content manager” is not like a “sanitation engineer.” If you have a website and blog, you need a content manager! We came up with the term to describe our professional writers who maintain all of the written content for our clients. If you have a blog or website with MDPM, you have a content manager. Over the next few weeks, your content manager will email you to touch base, see if you want any particular topics covered, if you need any new pages on your website, or if you have any feedback on your blog and website text.

We were calling these writers “bloggers,” but they do more than write blogs. They meet to discuss interesting blog topics; they share ideas; they study current SEO copywriting strategies; and they take great pride in the text they compose for our clients.

Jill and Jill are always available to work with you, but we want you to know, you also have a professional dental copywriter, your content manager, at your disposal.