What’s New In The Office?

On Fridays, we like to share updates or events related to our clients or our office. Such news makes great content for our blog and also keeps our clients abreast of what’s happening. As a dental practice, sharing such events can keep your business fresh in the minds of your patients. In addition, we’re always happy to share what’s new at your practice and help you reach others!

Importance of Sharing Events

Are you running a special, such as when Allen Family Dental started using our “Have a Cup of Coffee on Us” campaign, or when Dr. Folck offered a “Dinner for Two” contest? Will you be renovating your office or adding new team members? Have you recently completed continuing education courses about new treatment options? These are all examples of changes we want to know about so we can share them on our blog while you do the same. Help us help you keep your clients updated!

Let Us Know!

If you have any news you want us to share, let us know. Call or email our team today!

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