What’s Up With Google Penguin?

mdpmpenguinAs we’ve discussed in previous blogs, Google is soon launching a major update with Penguin 4.0. With this comes major changes to the SEO landscape. However, with January in the past and February in its final week, the update still hasn’t launched. When will this happen? How has MDPM adapted to the changes Penguin will be ushering in?

When Will The Update Launch?

Once the update launches, the program will always be “on” and will update in real time. The goal of Penguin 4.0 is to target websites that have employed black hat tactics, such as spammy links or keyword stuffing, to force websites to the first pages of a search result that shouldn’t be there. These sites are then removed, allowing users better access to quality sites that are more likely to contain the content they are looking for.

The update was expected to launch in January. However, it appears to have been delayed, but should launch before the end of the first quarter.

Is MDPM Prepared?

Absolutely. We always work hard to stay on top of the latest algorithm updates. However, we were always ready for this one, and since our SEO approach includes focusing on quality content, organic long tail keywords, and relevant links, our clients’ websites won’t be targeted by the algorithm update.

Content Is Still King!

Now more than ever it’s clear: Content is king. If you hope to ensure a good user experience and improve your SEO ranking, filling your site with well-written and original copy will help. One method of doing this is to operate a blog that updates on a regular basis. You can also update the pages to reflect changes in your office. If you have any questions about content and SEO, talk to our team today!

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