When And What Should You Post?

mdpm-blogWe believe blogging makes up a very important component of any successful online marketing strategy. We often get questions from our clients, such as: When and what should we post? Should we post every day? What content makes a successful blog post?

Why Should You Blog?

Each time you post a new blog, Google’s bots have new content to crawl and index which can often help improve your rankings. In addition, each blog is fresh content you can share on social media, another route for improving SEO (search engine optimization) and attracting new leads. Finally, a blog is a great way to showcase your expertise by letting potential patients know you have the skills and knowledge necessary to help them enjoy improved oral health.

What Should You Post?

Make a list of what services you provide and blog about them. Address common questions patients may have about your services. Offer preventive tips or remind them about the importance of routine visits for checkups and cleanings. If you aren’t a dental practice, you can still choose topics relevant to your business and answer the types of questions your clients have.

When Should You Post?

We’ve covered this topic before and found that optimal returns lie in blogging four to five times a week. However, you can blog less if necessary, or more if you feel it’s appropriate. As long as your posts are original and well-written, they can help your SEO strategy. If you have any questions or concerns about blogging, let us know. When you’re busy running a practice or business, blogging can easily get lost in the shuffle. We employ a team of talented copywriters that can create unique content tailored to your specific practice. Let us help you pick up the slack! MDPM Consulting is always happy to help!

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