Where Have My Google Reviews Gone?!?!

Your Google reviews are still on your Google Places page. It’s the third party reviews, like those from Demandforce* and Yelp, that are missing.

This just goes to underscore what I often write about — Google will do as Google pleases. There is reason behind the change. Third-party review companies were getting fussy about Google piggybacking off of them. Consumers and businesses may not have viewed the GP review feeds as piggybacking, and I personally think the review sites are cutting of their digital noses to spite their silicon faces. After all, they do want their reviews to rank high on Google, right?


Your reviews still exist on the third party websites, and they’ll come up in searches. However, you and all of your potential patients will not see them on your Google Places page. It makes me think, if Google + does take off, don’t put of of your social networking eggs in that basket. Enough with the cliches already.

Read this article for the more scoop on the Google Places changes.

*From Demandforce:

Demandforce has had a data integration agreement with Google since 2008 and that status has not changed. Demandforce continues to make available business profile data and certified consumer reviews to help populate Google’s Places pages. Currently, Demandforce makes available over 1 million reviews from our more than 11,000 business customers. Through our integration agreement with Google, our Demandforce Connect for Facebook module and our WebFeed data delivery service to 90 additional Web sites, you can trust that your business listing, specialties, hours of operation and other information are accurately and reliably represented on the web.