Who Owns Your Domain?

On Friday, we wrote about the risks of extended contracts for SEO and web design/maintenance services. We briefly touched on a subject that we definitely feel deserves further attention: Who owns your domain? As we will discuss in today’s blog, you do, and anyone saying otherwise is throwing up a major red flag.

You Own It!

Your domain, as well as your Google Maps and social media accounts, belong to you. Some companies will put in their contracts that they own your materials and then use this as leverage should you try and move your practice’s services to another company. Never sign with anyone that will claim ownership of your domain. When talking to a marketing company, this is actually an important question to ask. Any reputable marketing company will answer plainly that they don’t own your materials, but instead only access them during your reworking relationship to help maintain your website and social media pages. No one should try and take what is yours!

Our Transfer Services

When a client wants to work with another company, or if they feel they don’t need the help of an SEO and marketing company at the moment, then we transfer all of their materials to them. We will provide everything they need to ensure a smooth transition. Likewise, of you aren’t happy with your current company, we have transfer services to help move your domain and pages to us without interruptions to you web presence. You can even maintain your current design.

We can Help!

If you have questions about domain ownership, or if you would to take advantage of our transfer services, then please give our team a call today. We can help you start the next step in your online marketing plan, working with you to ensure your practice continues to grow and flourish.

Would you like to learn more about online marketing and SEO? Ready to help expand your online marketing plan and help your practice grow? We can help! Then contact us today and let us help! Send an email to MDPM Consulting at [email protected], or give us a call at 972-781-8861!