Why Is HTTPS So Important?

If you’re a client of ours, you may have noticed we’ve made the switch to HTTPS over HTTP, and have for long time now. However, we’re still meeting new clients with existing sites that have HTTP in the URL. Nearly everyone agrees that making the switch is vital for your websites security (and for SEO purposes). For the few holdouts, let’s look at what makes this switch so important!

Greater Security

Using HTTPS offers security for people looking at your site. In fact, when using Google Chrome you’ll see a lock symbol and the word “secure” next to the URL. Any information a user provides is encrypted and protected. Should anyone manage to steal the data, it will be impossible to decrypt and understand without the key, which only you would have. This also protects users from middleman attacks that would otherwise trick people into giving up sensitive information.

SEO Benefits

Does this also benefit SEO? Yes! Google announced that priority would be placed on sites with HTTPS. In fact, Google Chrome will now have the words “not secure” next the URL of an HTTP website. Since Google’s focus is on user friendliness, of course security would be a paramount concern. If you still rely on HTTP, then there’s a chance your rankings could suffer. Why not offer potential patients greater security, as well as a nice SEO boost for your practice?

We can Help!

Not sure how to go about switching your site? Then give us a call! Our team will be glad to work with you to ensure your website remains safe, protecting sensitive data and information. We also discuss SEO strategies to help your practice improve rankings with quality content and local SEO. If you have any questions or concerns about online marketing, then please contact our team today.

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