Why We Recommend Google Reviews

There are plenty of places to garner reviews online, from Facebook to Yelp. However, we always recommend our clients have Google reviews available. They can offer a number of benefits, including SEO. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about the importance of Google reviews, why we avoid Yelp, and how special software can help you gather patient reviews.

The Importance of Google

Most people use Google when searching for a service online. Our organic SEO and custom content strategies are designed to appeal to the search giant’s algorithms, improving our clients’ rankings when users search for a dentist or specialist in their area. As you can probably guess, this means special attention is pad to reviews on a Google My Business pages. We help our patients maintain their page and add reviews to it, which in turn can be beneficial to SEO.

Patient Reminder Software

There is software available to help remind patients to leave reviews and to help you place them on your Google My Business page. Lighthouse 360 and Solution Reach have an option to funnel reviews from patients with Gmail email addresses to those platforms. You end up with brownie points with Google for them and they become visible to potential patients who might look you up before scheduling an appointment. If you want to learn more about these programs, or about garnering reviews, then contact us today. We can help!

Why We Avoid Yelp

For years, Yelp was the go-to for businesses. Now, their increasingly shady practices are causing people to walk away, which we highly recommend. Yelp has often been accused by businesses of extortion, hiding their positive reviews and putting negative ones front and center after they refuse to pay Yelp for services. In fact, there’s an entire documentary about it. For that reason (and many others) we recommend Google!

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