Why You Really, Really Need a Mobile-Friendly Website

mdpmresponsiveIf you own a business or a practice, you need to have an active website. After all, a site is crucial for maintaining a professional appearance as well as a presence on SERPs (search engine results pages), when someone Googles services in your area. However, you may have recently noticed a little warning from Google if your site is not mobile-friendly. What does this mean? Why do you need a responsive website?

A Warning From Google

Right now, Google is preparing to provide a boost to their mobile-friendly algorithm. This means when Google crawls and indexes a website, those who are responsive will receive better rankings. After all, since the majority of people now search online, you need to be easily viewed on a phone or tablet.

If your website is not friendly, you will see a little blurb when your website is viewed on a mobile search results page, which reads: “Your page is not mobile friendly.” This is because Google is hoping that you will update your site before the algorithm boost takes effect.

The Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly Website

Since Google is focused on user experience they want to place priority on responsive websites. As a business owner you also want to improve customer experience, so why not embrace this change? Benefits of a mobile-friendly website include:

Improved SEO
Improved appearance on phones and tablets
A likely increase in the time viewers remain on your site

Interested in Updating Your Website?

Do you currently have a website that is not mobile-friendly? If so, then talk to our team. We can help update your website or even build you a brand new one that is easily viewed on computers, laptops, phones, and tablets. For more details, give our office a call today.

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