Will Removing Right Side Ads Hurt Organic Search Results?

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 2.26.51 PMWith the latest penguin update, we knew 2016 was going to bring some big changes from Google. One of the biggest at the moment is that Google is removing ads from the right side of the search results page. That’s right; you’ll now only notice ads below and above your search results. Why did Google make this change? How will this affect organic search results?

A Big Change

As we mentioned above, ads typically show up at the top, bottom, and to the right of your search results. Now, the entire row of ads on the right side will completely disappear. The top and bottom results will remain, and if Google’s algorithms determine that the search is to buy a product, four ads may appear instead of just three above the search.

Why Did Google Do This?

Google’s mission has always been user experience. Tweaks to their algorithms are meant to improve a person’s experience when searching for something on their website. With more people using mobile to look for items or businesses, Google has placed priority on this type of search. To provide cleaner search results pages on phones and tablets, the right side disappears while the above and below ads remain.

How Will This Impact Organic Search Results?

Many are worried about how this will affect organic search results. By adding another ad to the top of the page, this pushes down an organic search result. If you aren’t in one of the tops spots, you could lose your current position. However, if you focus on improving organic search results, as our team at MDPM does, then you know that by providing quality content and responsive websites you can help raise your SEO ranking, meaning this change will have little to no affect on your practice.

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