With Content, Quality Beats Quantity

When we discuss content, we often talk about ways to continuously add new pages and blog posts to your site. The goal is to help improve rankings with posts and pages that can be crawled and indexed. However, the quality is still important. Even if you add content on a daily basis, if it’s poor then you may not be helping your rankings. Remember, quality beats quantity!

What Makes Good Content?

Good content should be tailored to your office and your patients. You should ask yourself what information your patients are looking for: what questions do they often ask regarding their oral health or smile improvement? Once you determine topics for your pages and blog posts, make sure they are well-written, and most importantly, original. While the topics can be covered more than once, the actual copy needs to be unique, otherwise your duplicate content can hurt your rankings.

How Do I Share Content?

Social media is an excellent means of sharing your content. With social media pages, you can share new posts, pages, and office updates. As your patients share, like, and comment on your posts they become visible to a wider network of people.

How Does This Improve SEO?

Google crawls and indexes any new content added to your site. If you have quality, well-written blogs and pages that incorporate organic link-building and long-tail keyword placement, you have a chance to climb in the rankings. When someone searches for a dental professional in your community, higher placement on a search engine results page (SERP) equals a greater likelihood that the person will click on your site and, hopefully, schedule a visit. However, good content is not only designed to improve rankings, it also highlights your professional knowledge, and conveys credibility.

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