Yahoo and Google Join Forces: What You Need to Know

Showing up in SERPS“On October 20th, Yahoo announced that it had reached an agreement with Google that would give Yahoo the option of serving Google’s paid, natural and image search results on its owned properties and syndicated network. In addition to powering search through Google, Yahoo would retain the ability to power its search functionality through its partnership with Microsoft as well as through its own Yahoo Gemini search technology.” – RJ DiBella for Search Engine Watch

You might be thinking, “I’ve spent all this time building up my site’s SEO for Google’s standards? What happens now if Google teams up with Yahoo?

Great question.

The odds are in your favor.

“The new agreement between Yahoo and Google means that Yahoo has the ability to serve Google search results up to 49% of the time on desktop and up to 100% of the time on mobile and tablet.” Put simply, if your website is up to Google’s standards, it’s likely that Yahoo’s algorithms will treat the site favorably in it’s own SERPs.

Of course, Yahoo reserves the ability to select which search queries it will serve via Google as there is no minimum requirement for the number of Google it pulls. Still, Google has held over 80% of the search engine market share for quite some time, making it the go-to for SEO standards and search trends.

It’s safe to assume that — as a result of this change at Yahoo — Google’s search footprint will grow, which means that it’s even more crucial to ensure that your website follows the ever-evolving rules of Google’s search algorithms.At MDPM Consulting, we speak SEO — especially SEO for dentists  and we know that search landscape is always changing, so staying on top of the changes and making sure your website is up-to-date is the best way to remain competitive.

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