YouTube and Dentistry

Should you use YouTube in your dental marketing? Sure! Do you have time to record videos? Heck, no.

Nevertheless, videos are an awesome way to communicate with and educate your patients. The best dental videos I’ve seen for patients have been on these topics:

  • Office tour
  • Team introduction
  • Personal testimonials
  • Doctor giving postop instructions
  • Doctor explaining a procedure or technology
  • Doctor announcing a special offer or event
  • Team volunteering event

And the worst videos are procedural. No one wants to see the blood, bone, and teeth roots that you deal with every day. They don’t want to see tooth decay or broken teeth, either. For before-and-after photos, the clinical problems you treated are fine to share, but in a video, don’t do it. These images convey pain and evoke fear. Instead, stick with the light, friendly, inviting images of your smiling team and satisfied patients.

If you can manage it, set aside one day after the office closes to film an office tour. Introduce your team members and show off your front office, consultation room, and operatories. After your team goes home for the evening, stick around and film some videos of you explaining the dental tools and technology you use.

This is a great place to start. Go to and sign up for your own channel. It’s free. Then upload your videos and tag them with keywords. Be sure to use the videos on your website and blog, as well.