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Summer Promotion Time!

While not technically summer, the weather is hot enough that it’s pretty safe to say summer has arrived. We briefly discussed promotions earlier in the month, but we would like to go a little more in depth. Summer is sometimes slow for dentists, but with the right promotions (and a little community involvement) and you… Read more »

Should You Be Preparing A Spring Promotion?

While it may seem far away, spring is actually around the corner. Before you know it, the weather will warm and a new season will be upon us. As a dentist, this means a new opportunity to start a promotion. You can offer specials, discounts, raffles, and other opportunities to help spread the word about… Read more »

Tell Us What You’re Up This Holiday Season!

The holidays are a very busy (and joyous) time of year. We gather with our friends and family, take part in community events, and work hard to make sure everyone feels the holiday spirit. Well, at MDPM Consulting, we would love to know what you’re up to this season! Feel free to send us pictures… Read more »

Have You Started A Holiday Promotion?

Christmas is about three weeks away! If you own a dental practice, this mean the time to start a holiday promotion is running out fast. However, that doesn’t mean it’s too late. Right now, you can start a special or discount as a holiday promotion. We have a few ideas to get you started!

Start Your Holiday Marketing Now!

Thanksgiving may seem a little soon to start thinking about holiday marketing, but many dental practices and businesses have already started unveiling their latest promotions. Now is the perfect time to offer fun raffles, specials on popular treatments, and other fun holiday marketing ideas.

Halloween Candy BuyBack And Other Promotion Ideas

On Tuesday, kids across the country will either be going around the neighborhood filling sacks and buckets with candy, or participating in a fall fest or a trunk-or-treating adventure. No matter what, this time of year means kids suddenly enjoy an influx of candy. As a dentist, you know the dangers this can mean for… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Halloween Promotions!

Halloween is less than two weeks away. Children across the country are preparing to wear costumes and head door-to-door to fill up bags with candy. As dental professionals, you know the dangers this can put their smiles in. Fortunately, Halloween can be a great time to run a promotion or raise awareness about cavity prevention.

How Should A Dentist Get Ready For Halloween?

We’re officially in October! As a dentist, this means many of your patients, especially, the younger ones, will be enjoying an entire season that revolves around sugary treats, from Halloween to Christmas. As a dentist, how should you get ready for Halloween? What promotions can you run this time of year to raise awareness about… Read more »

Will You Be Eclipsed On Monday?

On Monday, August 21st the United States will experience a total solar eclipse! While these happen every year or so at different points on the Earth, one happening across the continental United States is pretty rare. So, did you run a promotion for this event, or are you going to be eclipsed?

What Did You Do For Mother’s Day?

Did that title cause your heart to stop briefly? Don’t worry, Mother’s Day is still several days away. However, as a practice owner, what did you do for Mother’s Day? Holidays offer excellent opportunities to market specials or discounts and hopefully, bring new people through your door. While many dental offices focus mainly on specials… Read more »