We understand that all dental practices and specialists have unique needs and target different patient bases,  and we know these needs change over time. That’s why we tailor all of our marketing plans exclusively to each individual client and their needs to help them grow and improve revenue.

The Digital Marketing Plan Your Practice Needs

Your online marketing strategy is the most critical and cost-effective way for you to increase practice revenue and drive your overall success. To create a strategy tailored to your practice, we first help you define your business goals before developing a customized plan that will meet or exceed those intentions. Our proven, data-driven approach will draw in prospective patients, capture their attention, and deliver them to your digital doorstep.

New Practices

Whether you’re fresh out of dental school or ready to break away from a group practice into your own private practice, you’ve got an array of challenges ahead of you. Managing a dynamic marketing strategy doesn’t have to be one of them. We’ll develop a customized marketing plan that will help attract your target audience and build your patient base.

Existing Practices

Existing dental practices can also benefit from updating their marketing strategy. Maybe your practice is doing great and you’ll be opening a new branch. Maybe you’d like to update your image while you’re updating your facility.  We’ll work closely with you to refresh your brand, refocus your marketing efforts, and expand your patient base.

Practices in Transition

Dental practices transitioning to new ownership require a delicate touch and smart marketing tactics. You certainly want to maintain an already existing patient base, but you also want to explore new directions and demographics. We’ll tailor your marketing plan to ensure a successful transition.


A successful marketing plan for a dental specialist requires careful planning, since specialists rely heavily on referrals from general dentists rather than straightforward marketing to patients. Carefully positioning yourself as a local expert in advanced dentistry through effective reputation management will help you reach new patients as you expand your referral base.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Google Adwords

Pay-per-click advertising, like Google AdWords, offers solid return on investment, especially when paired with a strong content marketing strategy. We create eye-catching ads and coordinate our PPC campaigns with our clients’ existing keyword list to ensure consistency, and maximize reach.

24/7 Consulting Services

We want to be an integral part of your team, so feel free to call on us when you have questions about any aspect of your customized dental marketing plan. Fill out the contact form below or call (972) 781-8861 to get in touch!