The flat design is a very popular option. We use clean, flat colors for a modern and more minimalist look that is very easy for users to navigate.



A hero image uses a large, bold background image for the header. The design can showcase your practice or office and instantly draws the eye.


Single Page/Long Scroll

While different, both options allow a user to navigate your website quickly and obtain all relevant information without visiting different pages. The design allows a user to continuously scroll down the page.



A minimalist design allows for faster loading. While people can confuse this with a flat design, a minimalist design is very simple, clean and lightweight when compared to a flat design.



Using a borderless design can give you an open look. This design option is very flexible and contemporary.


No Scroll

With a no scroll design, the information is presented on one page, with no need for scrolling. People that prefer a simpler design may select this in lieu of a long scrolling option.



With this design, we fill the website with illustrations and drawings. The result is a friendly, bright, and engaging website. We often suggest this option for businesses or practices with services aimed towards children.



We use the values of one color to create a tone for your site. Using a monochromatic design can also help reinforce branding.



Using a typographic design can be very striking. We use large, bold text to take up screen space. You can easily communicate a message or showcase a brand/logo.

We have an array of design options available to showcase your practice. Each option listed below is modern, sleek, and easy for users to navigate. In addition, each option can be made with a mobile-friendly option. Take a look, we can help you decide which one will best fit your practice!

Do You Have Design Questions?

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