SEO – short for search engine optimization – is a lot like a healthy diet. Everyone says you need it, but you have no idea what it means, where to start, and what’s involved. Not to worry. Think of us as a team of SEO nutritionists combining on-page tactics and behind-the-scenes technical expertise to help you rank higher on search engines and increase organic traffic to your website. No kale, we promise.

75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of the search engine results. And you just found out your practice doesn’t show up until page 5.

According to the American Dental Association, nearly 200,000 dentists currently practice in the U.S., and a full 87 percent of those dentists have a website or other online presence. Clearly, prospective patients have a lot of options when searching for a dentist online. How will they find you?

Our proven combination of keyword research, content optimization, local schema, UX, and other strategies will help you rank higher on search engines.

At MDPM Consulting, our proven search engine optimization strategies combine on-page tactics (including content marketing, keyword optimization, and behind-the-scenes technical expertise) to increase traffic to your website by helping you rank high on search engine results pages. We stay up-to-date on changing SEO standards and best practices. We also make regular updates, so you don’t have to worry about your website falling behind.

SEO Packages

We’ve designed our SEO packages so that you can find the right fit for your goals, budget, and location. We have the side-by-side comparison below, and the breakdown of the individual ongoing SEO services we offer even further down.

SEO Packages

  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Managment
  • Domain Based Emails
  • Monthly SEO Report
  • Website Edits and Maintenance
  • Technical Support
  • Monthly Social Media Kit
  • Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Reputation Management Guidance


  • 4 Original, Optimized Blog Posts


  • 12 Original, Optimized Blog Posts
  • Monthly Marketing Call


  • 20 Original, Optimized Blog Posts
  • Monthly Marketing Call
  • Social Media Kit Posting
  • Editorial Calendar

Let’s Break It Down

So what does all of this mean?


Learn more about why we blog. (You want to know; it’s at the core of our SEO strategy!)

Social Media Kit and Reputation Management Help

We already know social media is a crucial part of any successful online marketing strategy – especially for a local business, but what exactly is a social media kit?

To help our clients boost their engagement and brand awareness on social media platforms, we provide the monthly MDPM Social Media Kit! This kit, which is complimentary to our clients on monthly SEO packages, is a set of curated, ready-to-post content and images formatted for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. It arrives in your inbox at the beginning of each month, ready for your team to download and post on your social media profiles.

Social media engagement doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and fresh ideas – both of which can be hard to come by, especially at a small business. This kit is designed to take no more than 15 minutes per week (1 hour per month). Just download, copy and paste, and post!

We also know how important garnering reviews is, and we have some tricks up our sleeves to help you and your team get patients to leave stars and testimonials on your reputation management profiles. Ask us about our Have a Cup of Coffee on Us campaign!

24/7 Consulting Services and Technical Support

We want you to think of us as the marketing arm of your team. We want – well, need – to know what’s going on in your office so that we can make sure your website and SEO efforts are a true reflection of your practice, team, and philosophy. Plus, we know about the hot new products, which review/appointment reminder services work and which ones don’t, and we want to share this knowledge with you to help you cut costs and – more importantly – get results.

All of our monthly SEO packages include website edits and maintenance. Some of these things – especially the backend stuff – you won’t even know about. We stay on top of the always-evolving world of SEO so that you don’t have to. We’re constantly tweaking and updating your site behind the scenes to make sure you stay on top of your digital marketing game. Other edits, like staff changes, promotions, and adding new services, we’ll need to get from you. But don’t worry, it’s all included in your service as our client!

Reports and Marketing Review Calls

We integrate Google Analytics into all of the websites we do SEO for so that we can track traffic and other metrics once your website goes live. Each month, you’ll receive a hand-pulled report of your website traffic, users, session duration, bounce rate, and more. We’ll also look at keywords, your top visited pages, and traffic sources. These reports arrive via email with an explanation and an opportunity to set up a call to discuss the report, your website, what’s going on in your office, the social media kit, and any other updates and questions on your mind.

Of course, you can drop us a line at any time, but these calls give us a regular opportunity to connect with you and your team about what’s going on in your office. It helps us know if you’re seeing the results of our efforts, and it gives us direction as to what you’re focusing on in your office.

It’s Not Too Late for SEO!

Whether you have a brand new custom website or you’re ready to upgrade your existing web site, SEO is crucial for today’s dentist. Fill out the form below or give us a call at (972) 781-8861. We can’t wait to learn about you and your practice so that we can build your web presence and help you reach your business goals.

Interested in a Search Engine Optimization?

Do you want a unique SEO strategy that also offers quality content? We can help! Contact MDPM Consulting by emailing: [email protected], or give us a call at 972-781-8861. You can also click the link at the top of the page for a free analysis.

Local SEO

As a local business owner, you’re marketing to consumers in your community, not across the country. Your needs are different than a large-scale, national brand. Add that to the fact that mobile search is more prevalent than ever before, and you see that having a strong local SEO presence is crucial to your business’ success. To help with this, we handle your local listings/citations.

A business listing is a profile found online with your business NAP (name, address, phone number) and other miscellaneous information about your business. There are thousands of websites and directories where you can create listings. You’ve probably heard of the popular ones (Google+ Local, Yelp, and Bing Local), but there are so many more. The main purpose of creating local business listings is to increase your business’ visibility online. Each and every new listing you create increases your probability of being found on the internet in a search by your target audience. Also, many of the business listing sites and directories share data, which means the more of them you’re listed on, the higher authority you’ll hold among them. If all else was equal, a business listed on more sites and directories usually ranks higher locally than one listed on fewer sites and directories.

30 days after your new website goes live (or after MDPM has taken over and worked our magic on yoru existing dental website), we’ll submit the top 10 citations for your location and industry, as well as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We’ll manage these citations until they are all verified. Additional citation submissions/verifications are available based on your ongoing monthly SEO service.

Location/Map Optimization

Local searches make up approximately 73 percent of all online activity. The people performing those searches want practical information including your business address, phone number, and hours. Fully optimizing your Google Maps listing ensures this information is correct and easily available to prospective patients.

Just like citations, your location verification is crucial to your business’ success. How else will clients/patients find you, especially when using mobile search? So, to ensure search engines recognize that your office is associated with your physical location, we’ll verify your address/locations for you.

Typically, these verifications involve either a phone call or a postcard to your office. Once you receive the verification code, send it our way, and we’ll take care of it for you! Once your location is verified, you’ll start seeing your business show up in Google Maps and maps in other search engines. And, that new trendy mobile “dentist near me” search will start to yield some results that look pretty familiar!